Diocesan 50th Celebrations

Friday, 1st June & Saturday 2nd June

CELEBRATING 50 years Anglican Diocese of Northern Territory

Celebrations at the Cathedral Friday Evening.

Afternoon Tea and Presentations Saturday.

Diocese 50 Invitation

Equipping Night ‘Emotionally Healthy Families’

DATES of Upcoming Events 

Friday Night 11th May, 7pm  Equipping Night
‘Emotionally Healthy Families’
Facilitator – Valarie Johnson, Social Worker, Counsellor and Missionary
St James Anglican Church, Cnr Jarvis St & Vanderlin Service Drive



A wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life that we have received through Jesus.

May everyone have a safe and blessed time during this rest from work as we remember the greatest truth ever told. Reaching to people throughout the world to give each every person the hope of life forever for the Creator of the World – Yahweh.

Our prayers are also with our Sisters and Brothers in Christ who have lost family members due to persecution and acts of atrocity. We stand with you in committing you to the Lord for his protection for you.

Brothers and Sisters from St James.

Lawn Sale – Again!

We have decided that we will open up the lawn sale and sausage sizzle again this Saturday, 24 September, from 8 to 11 am.

We’ve even got a banner this week! Looks good, doesn’t it?


So come on down, enjoy some great fellowship over a sausage sandwich and, who knows, you may even find a bargain or two