Carols at the Leanyer Water Park 13th December 2015.

Christmas Carols by Candlelight

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Churches of Darwin and YMCA joined forces to present the carols at the Water Park.
What a great night 350-400 people. 500 or more mosquitoes.

Fijian choir.

Fijian choir.

New and Old Carols, were sung with great gusto. A message of hope there to be heard.
Candles galore being waved in the night.



One lone piper on the bagpipes.

No rain – for which we were very thankful.

Enjoying the carols

Enjoying the carols

Loads of snags cooked and eaten. Yummy, tasty watermelon.
Fantastic that we can donate $281.65 to COMPASSION.

Thank you to all who helped out, gave generously and sang along to their hearts content .


Pruning the Vine


pruning the vineAfter hearing a talk on how God prunes the branches, on the vine, the kids decided they would do some pruning. Sometimes it feels like we are being pruned very hard, but in the midst of that time God is upholding and supporting us all the way. The plants are still being sustained and fed.

Christmas Carols by Candlelight

Christmas Carols by Candlelight

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Sunday 14 December 2014
6:30pm – 8:30pm
At Leanyer Recreation Park (215 Vanderlin Drive, Leanyer, NT 0812)

Join us and the Top End YMCA for a very special evening at Leanyer Recreation Park, where we will hold our annual carol service.

This will be a lovely evening, where you will find;

  • a modern take on the nativity story
  • all the classical Christmas carols
  • activities for children
  • a sausage sizzle

A free event for the entire community.
Please bring your blanket or a chair to sit on.

Coming up

8th – 10th August: Dr Carl Wieland of Creation Ministries International – talks followed by Q & A sessions

8th: 7.30pm – Creation/Evolution: The Evidence (@ Darwin Community Church 58 Sabine Rd, Milner. Enquiries: Pastor Peter Ezzy, 8985 4231)

9th: 6pm – Rocks, Fossils, Dinosaurs & the Age of the Earth (@ Baptist Bush Church, 612 Challenor Circuit, Humpty Doo. Enquiries: Pastor Sharon Crook, 0499 170 744)

10th: 9.30am – Creation: A key to dynamic witnessing (@ Multicultural Christian Fellowship, 2 Earhart Ct, Marrara. Enquiries: Pastor Cesar Mangohig, 0421 722 340)

10th: 4.30pm – Creation/Evolution: The controversy (@ Multicultural Christian Fellowship, 2 Earhart Ct, Marrara. Enquiries: Pastor Cesar Mangohig, 0421 722 340)

24th August: 9am @ St James – UIM Thanksgiving service & lunch

24th August: 6pm – Watoto Children’s Choir (@ Cross Roads Church, 9 Moorhen Circuit, Bakewell

29th November: Consecration & Installation of our new bishop – Rev Dr Greg Anderson

Coming up

4th June:  Prayer Day at the church – 10am -10pm – praying for those involved in the process of electing a new Bishop for the Diocese.

8th June:  Pentecost – 9am – Wear red clothes and bring red breakfast foods for the meal.

5th July:  Working Bee – tree and shrub planting.

Discussion on Marriage – some links to papers and articles

Below are links to a selection of papers and articles on topics related to the same-sex marriage debate. They are not all easy reading. Some are quite difficult, but if we are going to discuss the issue it would be better to make the effort and be more informed rather than less. Some short quotes from most of the papers have been provided.

Some theology of marriage:

What Male–Female Complementarity Makes Possible: Marriage as a Two-In-One Flesh Union
Patrick Lee and Robert P. George
Theological Studies, 69 (2008)
(pdf file, 212KB)

The authors, replying to criticisms of the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexual acts …, argue that marriage is a multileveled personal union, essentially including the bodily as well as the emotional and volitional levels of the human self. Only sexual acts between a man and a woman who have consented to the kind of union that would be fulfilled by conceiving, bearing, and raising children together (that is, marriage) can consummate or actualize marital communion.

Some history of same sex marriage activism:

The Marriage Wars
Geoffrey Luck
Quadrant, December 2013

Some legal, social and economic issues:

Genderless Marriage, Institutional Realities, and Judicial Elision
Monte Neil Stewart
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy, Vol. 1, 2006
(pdf file, 692kb)

[T]he argument from social institutional studies … teaches that the social institution of marriage, like all institutions, is constituted by a web of shared public meanings; that these meanings teach, form, and transform individuals; and that in this way, these meanings provide vital social goods. … With its demonstration that the legal redefinition of marriage will in time and probably sooner than later result in the loss of the vital social goods uniquely provided by the man/woman marriage institution, the social institutional argument is thus an argument that society (and hence government) has a compelling interest in continuing to sustain that institution of betterment [i.e., man/woman marriage].

The impossibility of gay marriage and the threat of biopolitical control
John Milbank
ABC Religion and Ethics, 23 Apr 2013

Heterosexual exchange and reproduction has always been the very “grammar” of social relating as such. The abandonment of this grammar would thus imply a society no longer primarily constituted by extended kinship, but rather by state control and merely monetary exchange and reproduction.

For the individual, the experience of a natural-cultural unity is most fundamentally felt in the sense that her natural birth is from an interpersonal (and so “cultural”) act of loving encounter – even if this be but a one-night stand. This provides a sense that one’s very biological roots are suffused with an interpersonal narrative. Again, to lose this “grammar” would be to compromise our deepest sense of humanity, and risk a further handing over of power to market and state tyrannies supported by myths both of pure human nature and technocratic artifice.

How Redefining Marriage Redefines Parenthood
Elizabeth Marquardt
(pdf file, 64.4KB)

Around the world, the two-person, mother-father model of marriage and parenthood is being challenged. The growing emphasis is on meeting adults’ rights to children rather than children’s needs to know and be raised, whenever possible, by their mother and father. …
When we change the mother-father dimension of marriage or the two-person understanding of marriage, we also change understandings of parenthood in ways that dramatically impact the future for children.

An Economic Assessment of Same-Sex Marriage Laws
Douglas W. Allen
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Vol. 29, No. 3
(pdf file, 287KB)

This Article argues that marriage is an economically efficient institution, designed and evolved to regulate incentive problems that arise between a man and a woman over the life cycle of procreation. As such, its social and legal characteristics will provide a poor match for the incentive problems that arise in the two distinctly different relationships of gay and lesbian couples. Forcing all three relationships to be covered by the same law will lead to a sub-optimal law for all three types of marriage.

Discussion on Marriage – 22nd February 2014

@ St James, 22nd February 2014, 1pm – 4pm


There are those highly committed to the view that marriage is between male and female.
Others see that marriage is between 2 people who love each other.
There is much debate in the community.
State Governments have attempted to allow the marriage of same-sex couples.
This issue confronts us in the church as many priests have a marriage licence.

The issue also came up at the last Synod of the Anglican Church in the Northern Territory.
There was not sufficient time to discuss and listen to the views of people.

We will hear from a couple of people and then have time to ask questions.
This is a forum to hear from one another not to make any formal decisions on behalf of anyone.

Put this date into your diary and come along.
All people are invited.

This event is being organized by the combined Parishes of the Anglican Church of the Northern Territory